Regarding The 1.19.1 Controversy

While the 1.19.1 update is controversial to some, the majority of this outrage is overblown. I do not expect it to be an issue with our server as most of the community guidelines are in line with our rules.

If you are concerned or curious to learn more, I’d recommend taking a look at the following articles.


Server Update & Store Launch

There have been a lot of changes and fixes made to the server since the launch thanks to suggestions and reports made by the community. We appreciate all the help.


You can now obtain ranks just for playing on the server. These ranks are Member, Survivor, Hero, and Veteran. You can find out more about the ranks and benefits here.


We have added some of the VanillaTweaks datapacks including Cauldron Concrete, Dragon Drops, Player Head Drops, and More Mob Heads. We also plan on implementing a plugin that improves the Mending enchantment so stay tuned.


A community is nothing without its players which is why we always want to take your suggestions into consideration. If you have an idea for the server send it in here!

Donation Store:

The Donation Store is finally here and contains NO pay-to-win features. The donor ranks are functionally the same as the free ranks you get for playing on the server but include cosmetics. You can access the store here.


Minecraft Update

Minecraft 1.18.1 will likely be released tomorrow December 10th. As the server runs on Paper we will not be able to update immediately. We will remain on 1.18 until the update is released.

If your client automatically updates you will either need to downgrade the installed version or wait for the server to be updated.

We will likely make another announcement tomorrow when everything has been updated.


Server Launch

The Lone Survivor Minecraft server launches tomorrow!